Benton Park High Uniform Guide


  • White shirt - with collar, fastened top button with school tie to the top and covering all shirt buttons.
  • Blazer - With Benton Park emblem, compulsory for all year groups.
  • School Jumper - Optional for all year groups.
  • Trousers -  Traditional tailored style black plain trousers worn at the waist – no jean style, skinny, lycra, leggings or studded trousers.
  • Skirt -  Black plain skirt and must be worn to the knee. Skirts must not be flared or fitted in style or lycra material.
  • Shoes -  Plain black shoes – no trainers including black trainers, no sport logos, mules, sandals, stilettos, flip flops, thin heeled shoes, pumps or boots.
  • Tights -  Plain tights black, opaque or neutral shade. No patterns.
  • Belts -  Plain black, small, plain buckle. Belts only to be worn with skirts and trousers where there are belt loops.
  • Jewellery -  No jewellery, other than one small plain gold or silver stud earring to be worn in the ear lobe. No other piercings.
  • Make-up -  Must be discreet and natural colours only. No nail varnish, acrylic, gel or shellac nails.  No false eyelashes.
  • Religious Wear - Must be black or navy and only one colour.
  • Hair -  Hairstyles must be a conventional style. Hair colourings should be a natural colour only. Hair should be no shorter than a grade 2 and have no patterns or stripes cut or coloured into the hair. Tips must remain the same colour as the rest of the hair. Only plain black hairband and bobbles to be worn in the hair. No other hair accessories to be worn.  Eyebrows should be natural and not shaved.
  • Outdoor wear -  No outdoor wear, such as coats, hats or scarves to be worn in the building. No hoodies to be worn on the school grounds.

PE Girls 


  • Benton Park Logo PE Shirt
  • New Benton Park logo navy blue mid-length shorts and/or Benton Park logo tracksuit bottoms
  • White Socks
  • Sports Trainers, no converse style pumps


  • Navy blue mid-length shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Plain navy blue Benton Park Logo sweatshirt
  • Plain navy blue track suit bottoms

Boys PE 


  • Benton Park Logo indoor PE shirt
  • White Shorts
  • White socks
  • Sports trainers, no converse style pumps


  • Maroon reversible rugby shirt
  • Navy Blue shorts
  • Hooped (Maroon & Blue) rugby socks
  • Studded boots

Health & Safety in PE

No jewellery to be worn in any PE lessons,
No watches to be worn in any PE lessons
Long hair must be tied back with a hair bobble.