Kookaburra Ghost 3.5 Bat (SH)

  • WILLOW TYPE - Premium quality Specially Selected Grade 3 English Willow. The most extensively used grade of blade which offers excellent value for money. A grade 3 blade may have up to half the face in a tint/red wood colour, but this does not affect playability. This grade will have around 5/6  grains on the face that may not be that straight and there is likely to be some specks or butterfly marks on the grains on the face of the bat.
  • SWEET SPOT - Mid Blade (210 - 230mm from toe). Kookaburra bats are all engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, by optimising the edge , spine and scallop profiles.
  • EDGE PROFILE - Big Edge (36 - 40mm). Increasing the edge profile minimises the power loss caused from 'off centre' shots.
  • SPINE HEIGHT - Super Spine. Players want bats to look as big as possible; hence they want the spine to be as high as it can be.
  • SCALLOP - Approximately 1 - 2mm.
  • BOW - Approximately 12 - 14mm.
  • HANDLE - Oval. Kookaburra handles utilise multiple pieces of specially selected cane to enhance strength. This reinforces the bond between handle and blade thus maximising durability and power transfer.
  • GRIP - White Ghost wave.

  • Collections: Adult Cricket Bats

    Type: Unknown Type

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