Viking Wicket Keeping Gloves

Viking wicket keeping gloves are made from premium grade natural leather.

Developed for performance sports these WK gloves will give you exceptional comfort and superb protection. 

The gloves feel light and are among the most comfortable gloves you will find.

Made with Octopus rubber suction to the palms and pro player catching zones. Rubber finger tip cups provide further protection.

Padded leather cuffs give a comfortable fit. Finished with high quality embossed Viking detailing

Viking's were known for using a shield wall to protect themselves, let these Keeping gloves be your shield wall. 

  • Octopus rubber to the palms

  • Pro player catching zones

  • Finger cup protection

  • Padded leather cuffs

  • Classy blizzard white and silver or blizzard white and purple with Viking Logo and details.

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